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Today I got a detention for standing up for what I believe in.
  • Teacher: Write down 3 things you dislike about yourself
  • Me: *sits there*
  • Teacher: Ciara, why aren't you writing?
  • Me: I can't do this. I will take a zero, sorry.
  • Teacher: Why?
  • Me: Because I refuse to promote self-hate. Because some people in the world can fill out 20 of these front and back with no blank spaces and this can trigger someone.
  • Teacher: Ciara, you have to do it or I am sending you to the office.
  • Me: Okay. *gets up and walks to office*
  • ^needs more notes^
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If we ever become friends we will have skype movie dates and become long distance best friends because thats what I really want. I want someone who knows nothing about me and would just sit and talk to me for hours asking every little thing about me and telling me about every little story of their life.


someone bestfriend me. 


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